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This was a freelance job for a company called Scribblesite Inc. over in San Francisco.

Talking about the problem, my contact, Jon, told me that “people don’t clearly see the difference between my app and the other apps out there, and therefore don’t want to download it. Secondly, feedback tells me that there’s too much information and the user doesn’t want to take the time to read through everything.”

My job, then, was to define and distill the key differentiators – turning it into simple, punchy copy that immediately told people why they should bother with the app.

In Jon’s own words, the key concept was to build “[an] app [that] allows people to create or join events in their local area. These events allow users to meet new people as well as make new friends.”

He left this feedback for me after the project: “Nathan was absolutely fantastic. Clear and concise, he was able to provide quality work. Thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the copywriting with him to create the best copy on par with some of the best. I wouldn’t waste any more time by looking for another contractor. Nathan is simply the best.”  (thanks Jon!)