My first novel was called 

Nietzsche’s Last Man


Each of the three characters represents a starkly different worldview.

Charlotte, the epitome of Nietzsche’s “Last Man”. Unthinking. Average. A follower by nature; entirely unaware of the futility of a life without God.

Max – Nietzsche’s “Overman” – has confronted the existential void and gone on to reject the rules of traditional morality. With nothing to bind him, he takes all he can for his own benefit and looks down on the masses.

Theo, a man who has stared into the existential void – only to have it stare back into him. A man who has asked if there is a point to existential if God no longer exists and found no answer. A man who has given up on life.

As they influence and change each other, they reach a startling ultimate realisation – that there is an answer.

We can live a meaningful life within the existential void, successfully resolving the dilemma that drove Nietzsche himself insane.

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I’ve also begun work on 

Bush’s Iraq


Deep inside the world’s superpower. Manipulation, opportunism, innocence and tragedy: Bush’s Iraq explores the causes and effects of the war through real-life characters and their stories.

The novel draws a direct link between the machinations of the political elite and their very real impact on the lives of two American citizens.

One, an all-American hero. Millionaire football star turned soldier, driven by a need for purpose in life. Driven by his belief in what America stands for, a need to serve. Pat Tillman.

One, a simple girl from West Virginia. A 19-year-old who signed up in high school because there was no other way to pay for college. Someone who never believed she’d go to war. Jessica Lynch.

Watch as Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney decide on the invasion of Iraq in November 2001, more than a year before it actually began. Watch as they set about selling the case for war to the world.

Watch as two ordinary people are drawn into an invasion based solely on lies.

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